Register .mu Domain Names - Rs 2490 / Year

The .mu domain name is the official CCTLD of the Republic of Mauritius. It is administered by the NIC.MU and Icy Evolution an accredited registrar of the .mu domain extension. Register your .mu with us and get the best .mu domain pricing and package in Mauritian MUR or USD. Included with our .mu service is free whois privacy and DNS management so that you can easily update and edit your domain zone records. 

Special note for 3 characters .mu domain names: If you are trying to register a .mu domain name with 3 or less characters, please contact us first by email to check the final price and availability since the domain status and price may differ from that shown on this website due to the fact that 1 to 3 letters .mu domains are now considered as premium domains.

About .MU Domains

MU domain is the official ccTLD of Mauritius and is administered by the MUNIC (Registry). The domain is suitable for:

  1. Businesses in Mauritius looking to protect their digital brand domain.
  2. Any person willing to create a digital Mauritian identity online.
  3. As email addresses together with a web hosting server.
  4. MU also represents MUSIC – Many music bands have adopted the .mu as their official domain

What is the price of a .MU?

MU domain pricing varies across different registrars.

Icy Evolution is an accredited registrar for .mu and we have the cheapest worldwide price for .mu at Rs 2490 or USD 63.

Last updated pricing: May 2022

WHOIS privacy available for .mu?

We register your .mu domain under your name and offer whois privacy on your request.

What other SLDs are available for .mu?

Along with .mu you can also register the following:,,,,, and