Tutorial: Disable Automatic Hostname in CentOS

Our CentOS VPS are deployed with the hostname you specify during the server order process. If you simply use the hostname command to change your hostname, the change will be lost if you reboot your server. To disable this option, you need to edit the /etc/sysconfig/network file, there should be a line HOSTNAME=whatever, you just […]

Tutorial: Cpanel Force Main IP Detection

Sometime if you have multiple IPs with your KVM VPS with us, Cpanel has some issues with the detection of the main IP. This occurs mostly if you have added an additional IP after Cpanel/WHM installation. You can manually change the settings on your server to force traffic over the main IP. Tutorial below is […]

Tutorial: How To Activate Cpanel License On Your Server

This tutorial is for our VPS and Dedicated Servers users who have chosen the self managed WHM/CPanel option. Our servers are provisioned with Cpanel/WHM already installed. However sometime you may experience a Cpanel License error. If this is the case, simply SSH into your server with root access and run the following command: /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt